June 11, 2021

First Post


  • hello techis, let me introduce first , i am Ketan Rathod from small villege of jamnagr, gujarat.
  • i am a chemical engineer, now days i’m pursing my job with one of mulltination compny

Why i started blogging ?

  • I started blogging because of i have not any reasone of not starting blogging (quite funny) , well one day on youtube i hear about blogging but firstly i thought that it’s a fake content , but after that i reaserch on google, then wrong thatougts become reality.
  • one more reasone is my personal motivation and love behind the learn new things, that i always do.
  • On this platfoarm huge benefits for me is that i’m a passionate writer and i’m only going to get better at writing if I keep going and keep practicing.
  • And also it gives me a business voice.

What types of content i publishe ?

I want to inspire my audience, make their days more productive and Create something beautiful, so thoughtout below are the content list

  1. New Techanology news
  2. Techanical Ideas
  3. Expllanation about newly launched ”Technical skill”
  4. Mobile information and review
  5. Software technology
  6. Artificial intelligence

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